Jediný sud

  • Oblast: Morava

  • Podblast: Velkopavlovická

  • Sídlo: Velké Bílovice

  • Profilové víno: Odrůdy Pinot Gris, Tramín červený, Chardonnay a Sauvignon, z nichž vytváříme unikátní vína jako Ideal, Fenix, ChaSa a další.

  • Roční produkce lahví: 7000

  • WEB: facebook, instagram

Like my dad, I grew up in a vineyard and cellar. I like to experiment with wine from start to finish; this means that I experiment with it while working in the vineyard and eventually, I try to come up with creative names and graphics on the bottle. I want all of that to reflect my philosophy of life. I love natural wines for their personality and diversity, and starting the company has opened up a world of new possibilities for me to show people these qualities of it.