We refer to the legacy of our ancestors who cultivated vine for centuries and made wine to delight their spirits.

...from Charter of Autentisté

Our Mark

Wines labeled with this mark have been prepared by a member of our society using traditional methods in accordance with the Charter of Autentisté.

This way, you always know what's inside the bottle.

About us

The wines of our ancestors may not have been as polished and adorned as many today. However, they were certainly authentic. It is precisely this authenticity that a group of winemakers has engraved into their ethos, united by the effort to prepare wines according to the typicity characteristic of their respective wine regions, and ultimately, a deeper interest in the ancient wine landscape, which they shape with their vineyards.

The society called Autentisté began to take shape over fifteen years ago in response to the contemporary fascination with oenological preparations that inundated Moravian and Czech cellars. In pursuit of technological perfection, there was the greatest unification of domestic wines yet.

Local and regional specificities were suppressed, the unique style of winemakers overwritten by the hands of convincing salesmen of "beautifying" preparations. The authenticity and credibility of wine began to decline.

The members of this society are convinced that wine is inseparably linked with concepts such as tradition and continuity and is essentially an ancient medium. Without an understanding of historical continuity, the creation of so-called great wines is inconceivable.

Therefore, we endeavor to interpret, for example, Grüner Veltliner or Blaufränkisch as faithfully as possible — it’s like playing Mozart on period instruments, for example on gut-stringed violins, which may not sound as piercingly as metal strings, but their sound is purer and offers a much richer palette of colors.

However, this does not mean that we are a society of reactionary traditionalists. Quite the contrary. The emphasis on innovation, however, is mainly in the vineyard, where we apply the latest ecological practices. We are convinced that a healthy and pure grape is a unique raw material from which, in the cellar, without complex manipulations, one can obtain tender, authentic wine.

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